The Assist Group Vision

Total People Solutions - Our Vision is to become the outsourced total health management and wellness solution for company's Human Resources. Where Health and Human Resources meet resulting in increased wellness and productivity, ultimately reducing costs linked to workplace and non workplace illness. Assist Group provides both "on demand" and "solution focused" Health and wellness strategies for Company's Human Resources.

Claims Cost Reduction

"On demand" strategies require immediate intervention in reactive scenarios, this includes addressing as soon as possible, injuries or incidents in the workplace that result in loss of productive time with that human resource. Every minute a resource is down, not only does it cost money in lost production, but there can be Workers Compensation premium implications not to mention the cost to replace the resource with another to fulfil that HR function.

Claims Preventions Solutions

"Solution focused" strategies, involve a more structured and time lined implementation of solutions. Assist Group can tailor the intersection of multiple strategies through the employment lifecycle, to align with your business's needs. Human resources are recognised as a major asset to a company and thus are one of the most costly, if not managed effectively. In this age with competing global labour markets, we must all manage our people more efficiently if we are to stay competitive.

With a solid combination of these two philosophies, companies can better address their core functions with a healthier workforce to achieve these corporate goals and objectives.

Our Noble Cause, Guarantee and Values

In 2012 Assist Group calculated that since its founding years in 1986 they have saved approximately 2000 people from serious injury or ill health due to our health testing and screening services. Assist Group aim is that by 2020 we have worked hard and grown our business to bring this noble number to 20,000 people which will be an admirable achievement.

Our Guarantee - Same day or very next day appointments and results.

Our Values

  • Face to Face
  • Our staff get face to face instead of hiding behind email and "tone confused" text.

  • Training and Development
  • Assist Group promotes and maintain the excellence of their services through continuous training and development.

  • Always Add Value
  • Employees challenge themselves to deliver even more value to the customer so that the customer walks away with the best experience.

  • Assistamise Everything
  • Assist Group makes sure that every solution provided is tailored fit to every need and most importantly exceed expectations.

  • No Gossiping
  • Staff don't sweat the small stuff or bitch to colleagues about trivial matters or minor details. They value truthfulness and promote the non bitchy culture.

The Assist Group Difference

The Assist Group concept was developed around a core of Industrial Medical services in the 1980's and in 1997 developed the newer core of Rehabilitation service delivery. Then in 2000 we developed into corporate health and wellness provision with exercise therapy being a primary service. Proper and expedient management of these aspects contributed to a profound reduction of Workers Compensation Premiums for the involved companies.

The Assist Group Difference

Assist Group represents a point of difference within our industry. We take pride in our company culture and our service. Customer service is something that is driven in our organization and your potential employees will experience this from the moment they enter the Assist Group doors.

Assist Group is an industrial medical clinic, so your employees won’t be sitting in a waiting room with public patients waiting hours on end for their assessments. As we specialise in industrial medicine, our consultants are attuned to examining your prospective employee in regards to the inherent physical requirements of their role.

Assist Group offer fast results that you can rely on, with verbal confirmation after your employee has completed their Pre Employment Assessment followed by a report same day or very next day delivered straight to your email.

Our Expertise

Our clients have benefited from Assist Group's diversity and strategic alliance relationships into:

  • OH&S services
  • Pre-placement Job Matching Assessments
  • WorkCover Injury Management Consultant Doctor Services
  • Lifestyle Management Programs
  • Executive Medical Services
  • Annual Medical and Health Screening

To name a few.

Some of these services we have developed in joint ventures with industry leaders, ensuring that our customers have the best and cutting edge services in their HR "tool kit".

This was to develop our vision of becoming a "total people solution resource" to our employer clients.

Our Service Delivery Model

Our Accreditation as a Spirometry Practice

Assist Group, Liverpool (NSW) is currently an Accredited Practice for TSANZ Standards for Delivery of Spirometry.

QIP Accreditation is independent recognition that an organization or practice meets the requirements of defined criteria or standards. Accreditation provides quality and performance assurance for consumers in relation to the specified standards.

The achievement of accreditation is measured against sector-specific Standards which have been set as the minimum benchmark for quality. Compliance with the Standards is demonstrated through an independent assessment by the governing body.